Module 1: LMI Fundamentals

This is an introductory course teaching the basics of labor market information: what are the types of data, what national and Missouri data sources are available, and how LMI can be used to assist jobseekers, employers and economic developers.

Audience: Job seekers, Next Generation Career Center staff, economic and workforce developers, researchers

Lesson 1: LMI Fundamentals

  • Understand the systematic collection, analysis and reporting of LMI
  • Identify the five core types of LMI
  • Navigate to sources of LMI
  • Extract data from multiple LMI sources
  • Understand the use of LMI in workforce development customer service

Lesson 1: LMI Fundamentals - Quiz

  • Test your knowledge on LMI data collection analysis

Lesson 2: LMI and Employment Fundamentals

  • Identify primary uses of different LMI career planning data
  • Communicate and demonstrate the power of education
  • Access MERIC-produced reports designed to translate employment fundamentals to the novice job seeker