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Annual Business Applications by State and County
Business applications increased by 20.3 percent in Missouri in 2021, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, reaching a total of more than 84,000 for the year. Top counties included St. Louis County with 19,712, followed by Jackson County (13,209) and St. Louis City County (7,781). Data for each Missouri county is available in this new report.
Missouri Exports Rise in 2022
Exports from Missouri to other countries rose by 3.8 percent from 2021 to 2022, totaling over $6.1 billion. Over half of all Missouri’s export income came from the top three recipient countries in 2022. Canada purchased just under $5.7 billion in goods, followed by Mexico ($3.4 billion), and Germany ($679 million). Brazil had the largest percentage increase in exports from 2021 to 2022 with growth of 12 percent followed by Netherlands (10%) and Canada (9%).


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