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January 2021 Job Postings by Region
Registered nurses had the largest number of online job postings for six of Missouri's 10 labor market regions in January 2021, based on data from Burning Glass Technologies, Labor/Insight™, which collects job posting information from over 35,000 web sources, including job boards, newspapers, large and small employer websites. This easy-to-view Excel file download shows the occupations with the largest number of openings in the month for Missouri and each of the regions.
Many Languages in Missouri
In Missouri, nearly 94 percent of residents speak English only, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey. The other six percent of Missourians speak either another language in addition to English or have a different primary language, with 2.2 percent of Missouri residents with limited English proficiency. The three most common languages other than English are Spanish, Chinese and German. See data for counties and other languages in this interactive report.
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