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We Create – Kansas City Capital Dashboard
KCSourceLink tracks the flow of equity capital and grants into Kansas City companies for startup and early-stage companies needing capital to fuel growth. Their interactive dashboard shows investment by location, industry and size of investment. Click on the above link to view the dashboard and view how Kansas City is helping entrepreneurs excel.
High-Quality Jobs for Young Adults
Helping young people prepare to engage in work and life as productive adults is a central challenge for any society. Job quality among those from disadvantaged backgrounds varies by race and ethnicity. The gap in job quality scores between blacks and whites disappears after factoring in education, further emphasizing the value of equipping all young people for success in the labor market.
Kansas City Honored in Data Usage
Bloomberg honored seven cities, including Kansas City, Mo with What Works Cities, recognizing top cities for use of data in their decision-making. Kansas City achieved certification at Gold level up from Silver last year.

Armed Forces Day: May 18, 2019
According to the U.S. Department of Defense, President Harry S. Truman established Armed Forces Day, a day thanking our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country. Missouri is home to 425,000 veterans, which makes up 9.1% of the population. Click on the above link to read more about Missouri veterans and how they enrich our state and economy.
Opportunity Occupations
Opportunity Occupations are defined as employment accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree and typically paying above the national annual median wage of $37,690. Some of the largest opportunity occupations are within health care and the skilled trades. Click on the link above to see the highlighted occupations.
New Zip Code Census Data Tool
The Missouri Census Data Center has developed an application to look up U.S. zip codes by state, place name, or both. Results include total population, number of housing units, median family income (MFI), and percentile rank of MFI. As an example, the Col